Commercial Real Estate

McCullough & Associates Realty is a proud member of Florida Gulfcoast Association of Realtors and our agents work with many different commercial clients through a variety of property types and situations. Our associates strive to provide unparalleled service to meet many different client requirements whether it be on the property acquisition side or the sales side. With experience in real estate portfolio management we are able to dig into a client goals and desired property types for both the business owner-operators seeking new or larger locations to the leasing of commercial assets to other businesses ensuring profitable returns.

Our approach is strategic rather than merely transactional and our agents are looking to form relationships with their clients and companies. The technology that we use is what makes our agents able to provide their clients with the accurate and available inventory in the Tampa Bay area. We are members of FGCAR, CO-STAR and LOOPNET, as well as the Commercial MLS in the Mid-Florida Region thus being able to provide the accurate and available inventory for our clients. We know that our clients are looking to grown their businesses and real estate portfolios carefully and selectively, and most importantly, with property types that they are comfortable with. There are so many different ways to make and leverage money through real estate, and everyone’s comfort levels are different so we take that into consideration and really try to show our clients properties that will work for them. The number one thing that sets us apart from the other outfits or brokerages out there is that our agents answer their phones. We will make ourselves available even if you are just looking to lease a new space for your business.

Whether you are an investor that knows exactly what you are looking for or whether you are open to an array of options and available property types we will be able to pair you with one of our dedicated agents and searches to help you find what will safely build your portfolio. Our agents have experience in assessing professional plazas, land with potential for development, multiple-unit properties, warehouses, retail spaces and industrial complexes, and even corporate office headquarters. We would like to discuss your needs with you today so if you are looking to move your company to a new facility please consider us for helping you get there.